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Who… what… and what the heck for?

Paige Valente: artist, graphic designer, illustrator, writer + teacher.


I love a great muse. And spangled moments.

Whether a muse presents a one-time shot or evolves itself into torrents of enduring inspiration, it is never the entirety of our relationship that is cast onto the wall, but an isolated passage; a playful interaction; a glimpse at the whole. It is this in which that turns into a waltz of words, characters, and materials laced with innuendos and laughter or tears to create a voyeur’s privilege to an intimate vignette.

These flashes of brevity in life I seek to immortalize. So much of what is involved in ourselves and of our own creations goes unseen. It is the experience, the witness, grit, grime, polish, that makes life into art - one forever emulating the other.

Seeking, finding, giving, keeping (a) LOVE(s) is the inspiration: the good, the bad, and that which are so one or the other that I celebrate them through art. It is often the sought after sort of experience that feeds us all most: the chase, the catch, the welcomed or reluctant release. The cycle of love as it comes, stays, goes, what is left over, what comes next…

Today, we send a message, an email, a file, so swiftly, that as a result, huge gaps of information are missed or omitted. Naturally, what is left are questions or inaccurately formed conclusions. There is a new general celerity people engage with one another effecting social interactions and creating the modern dynamic of human relations.

With an affinity for how words look and how they sound, for compiling them together with an audible rhythm that can in turn be expressed visually, entire paragraphs and/or individual letterforms composing positive and negative/space and emotion, are key in the direction of my practice. Literal and/or typographic elements are integral to my process. I like to layer everything, (but my clothes): Gaffer’s tape, beneath acrylic, aside Prismacolor pencil, a hint of oil pastel, smudges of graphite, a Bic ballpoint pen, a stitched alphabet with silky German thread into a paper sack, adornment of a butterfly wing, paint kissed on by my own two lips. Beneath the layers of the surface we reach depth: where superficial marries substance and there in lies BEAUTY. Art is in this.

I love loving. When allowed, I love to tell people I love them, like them, what I might do if I should get them alone. I love expression and to express it passionately. I have an obsession with tape; am more patient than not; enjoy consistencies in character, but spontaneous action, simple complexity…

Communication is key. I share pieces of you, pieces of me.

Photo courtesy of Camille Wright Felton.

Because Getting Mail is Fun: Greeting Cards + Shop


It was 2007 and I was a year into a long distance relationship predominantly transcribed via the then new mode of communication: text messaging. To say the least, reading between the lines to find my lover’s voice and emotion; learning the language of a delayed reply among other things were confusing. I was still accustomed to just, ya know, picking up telephone and talking into it. It wasn’t even scary at all, not even when my own phone rang.

So, while walking through Old 4th Ward in Atlanta one soul searching afternoon in 2007, it occurred to me that those people in the olden days were onto something when they sealed there love into an envelope. So, the concept of sending Notes of Love, Like, and Lust 365 was conceived. The cards were launched and sold at my first solo exhibition in 2009 and again during the run of an installation I created in a restaurant bathroom in 2013.

Now 2019, in the words of Mystikal, “13 MFKN years in this sh**, “ Say It Like You Mean It wins me over. The passion nor the necessity ever ceased. If anything at all, as a society we have become more hurried and superficially connected. It is in our nature however to find and feel the depth of meaningful connection. Joy.

So, put it in writing. Say it like you mean it. Tell that mfkr you love her or that you can live without him, but you’d rather not. Greeting cards are like vinyl records- cool and hip all over again, ya' heard me?

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Paige Valente is fine artist and graphic designer located in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Graphic art services include, but are not exclusive to logos and branding, advertising and promotional materials, T-shirt illustration and design, informational paraphernalia, and invitations and announcements.

A collection of fine art can be viewed on the online gallery. Inquire to purchase or commission one of your own.